About www.300zatacek.cz

This site hosted at www.300zatacek.cz is dedicated to the street race circuit and to the motorcycly road races in the town Hořice (Czech Republic, 100km NE from Prague) - these legendary motorcycle races are:
  • 300 zatáček Gustava Havla (300 curves of Gustav Havel)
  • Česká Tourist Trophy (Czech Tourist Trophy)
The purpose of this web site is propagation of Horice motorcycle races, sharing the information, pictures and videos amog the fans of these races. This web site is not an official web site of the race organizers. This web is not owned by Automoclub Hořice.

If you're looking for the official pages of the motorcycle race organizer - Automotoclub Horice - please follow this link www.amkhorice.cz.

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